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Wavytalk Negative Ion Single Thermal Brush 1.5 Inch

Wavytalk Negative Ion Single Thermal Brush 1.5 Inch

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Negative Ion Thermal Brush: The barrel is not removable and has a negative ion function.

Negative Ion Thermal brush-rose gold

Negative Ion Thermal brush-pink


Negative Ion Thermal brush-purple

  • Create Blowout Look - 1.5 inch heated round brush with a ceramic barrel distributes heat evenly for medium to loose curls and waves that last. It's not a blow dryer. You can achieve great volume and gives blowout look. Get the perfect curls with our curling iron brush!
  • Faster Styling - hot styling brush is easy to use and allows for quick curling while combing the hair, saving time and effort. Simplified steps: Using the curling iron brush eliminates the need for additional tools like comb or clips in traditional curling methods, simplifying the styling process and making it more convenient and efficient.
  • Easier To Use - Wrap your hair directly on the barrel and then comb it downwards to achieve loose curls. No special curling skill is needed. Additionally, our curling iron brush is equipped with international voltage capability, making it convenient for you to use it directly when traveling abroad.


196 Thermal Brush is the upgraded version of 186 Thermal Brush with some new features.


1. More temperature levels, now there are 5 temperature levels, (300°F- 330°F-360°F-390°F-420°F), you can choose the temperature level that suits you when you use it.

2. New temperature display, you can check what temperature you are using during use.

3. Dual PTC design for more even heating.


  • Five Temperature Settings -300°F- 330°F-360°F for thin or soft hair; 390°F-420°F for thick or stiff hair. Our universal voltage heated round brush with multiple temperature settings gives you more control over your styling process, enabling you to achieve the best results while minimizing damage to your hair.


For negative function:

  • Negative Ion Function - Equipped with negative ion function, our curling brush will caress each strand of your hair with negative ions, locking in moisture and making your hair smoother, reducing frizz and tangles. It allows you to effortlessly create smooth and long-lasting curls.


Please choose the suitable temperature for your hair type and operate according to the instructions.


Styling effect is affected by hair quality and operation method, all video effects are for reference only.


Before ordering or when you use it, welcome to contact our store customer service at any time, we will do our best to recommend the suitable product for you, and help you get the detailed use method of the product.

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