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DreamRest™ Travel Neck Pillow Memory Foam

DreamRest™ Travel Neck Pillow Memory Foam

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1.Wide Variety of Applications: Keep your posture upright and prevent neck discomfort with our travel pillow's generous headrest and ergonomic neck and chin wrap. Perfect for flights, and commuting.

2.Ease of Carrying: The travel pillow is lightweight and compact, so you can easily roll it up and store it in a waterproof bag. This makes it easy to transport and lets you fall asleep faster wherever you go.

3.Long Serving Life: This travel pillow is made of reusable material with memory foam that conforms to your neck and head, providing comfort and support during long trips. The material is also breathable, keeping you cool and well-maintained.

4.User Friendly: Just unpack the travel neck pillow, place it comfortably around your neck, and feel your head and jaw supported as the pillow gradually returns to its original shape.

5.Delicate Gift: This pillow will help you rest and enjoy your journey whether you are on an aircraft, train, bus, or car. It is also an excellent gift for friends and family that enjoy traveling, as it demonstrates your concern for them.
Travel in comfort with our Neck Pillow. Conforming to your neck and head, this pillow has a wide variety of applications. Packed into a waterproof bag, it's easy to store and unpack. The perfect gift for any traveler, whether for use on a plane, train, or car.

Name: Travel Pillow
Material fabric: pure cotton
Filling: memory foam
Size: (approx.) 32*26*14cm/12.6*10.24*5.51 inches
Weight: 450g
Recommended crowd: tourism, business trip crowd
Washing and maintenance: the coat can be removed and washed, and the inner core cannot be washed and exposed to the sun
Packing List:
Travel Pillow*1
Waterproof storage bag*1












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